Sowers get seeds while Eaters get bread.

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Holy grooming



You probably have at one point in time tried to answer the self asked question as to why people who live their lives engaging in all sorts of recklessness and immoralities still get to live comfortable lives while some so called do-gooders still suffer despite their pure lifestyle. Is God wicked to allow these? No!, He’s Definitely not.
But that’s a broad issue to explain, so let’s just narrow it down for now.
An answer to that question would be that Life operates on definite principles, if you satisfy the requirements of a principle, its benefits are opened up to you.
Let’s take for example, if you plant seeds of maize in the ground, whether you’re a drug dealer or a thief, all things being equal, it would yield maize cobs in the near future, but no matter how righteous you are, the earth will never give you…

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