Bearing Holiness


There are so many lusts in the heart of mankind.


Sexual fulfillment.



To become Spirit-kind is to accept that many of the desires we may have must be cast aside.

We must bear holiness.

Being holy is not a Christian self-help book away.

It is not singing in the choir or directing it.

It isn’t a spiritual resume that adopts a world view of someone’s so-called spiritual knowledge.

It isn’t any of those things.

Bearing holiness is allowing ourselves to die to desires that we face every day and every moment of being visitors here.  Bearing holiness is the understanding that you will mourn for your desires before completely releasing them. Bearing holiness is desiring something greater than what you can do with power, how you can quench your lust, how many material things you can obtain, and who will recognize you for serving God, when God does not need you to be recognized but to be reconciled.

To Him.

Help me, Jesus.  For I must bear holiness.

As we all must do who call ourselves disciples.

Yes. To be Spirit-kind we must bear holiness. We must accept the thorns in our side, no matter what they are and understand that all weakness is an opportunity to find strength in Him.

And that is where I find my hope.  As I release my desires and accept His will as my own, I gain His strength, and by doing so, my desire turns from the lusts of this world to the yearning for my true home.

Not to die, but to live.

To build kingdom.




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