Go Fish

Please don’t give up being Christian.

There are plenty of folks who are acting like they own the faith to use it as they will.

But it’s very simple.

The essence of being a Christian is love and that is its greatest power. Any action that does not produce love as its fruit is not of Christ.

If the pulpit you are sitting under does not foster love for others-even those you disagree with-it is false teaching. If it takes from you more than it gives and leaves you with and empty heart, and empty head, or and empty wallet-it is false teaching. If you find yourself believing you are superior to those who are not Christian instead of being an example of service to gain souls, then I am dreadfully sorry, but you are under false teaching.

If we look at how folks who call themselves Christian are acting, there are so many reasons to want to give up. 


Take another look at the Scripture. Another look at the teachings of Christ.

It’s not rocket science. Its love.

Look. I’m tired too. I’ve questioned my faith before. I look around and see a lot of sadness and I hate to admit that a lot of it is caused by folks labeling themselves incorrectly as Christians.

They perish because they lack knowledge. If they had the knowledge, the world would be a better place to live in.

Stay safe everyone. Be blessed.

Tell someone you love them today.



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