I just participated in the preparation and burial of a loved one.

I was thinking about her spirit, and how she loved completely and without condition. She was the type of person that quieted a restless heart.  She was a peacemaker. She gave of herself freely and without expectation of anything in return.

The night before she passed was a restless one.  Every breath she took was counted.  We were waiting for her to finally be at rest, and dreading the moment of her silence, as blessed as it would be for her.

I was weak. I could not continue the watch. I left others to wait for the moment her spirit was free from this earth.

I still could not rest. I remembered the softness of her voice. But don’t mistake softness for weakness.

She had been through more than most women can bear. She carried her burdens with grace, though. There was no mistaking where her strength came from.

I could almost hear the rustling of angel wings waiting to escort her home.

I finally went to sleep the next morning.  About 3 hours later I was awakened.  Praise was on my lips. I knew why. My loved one had escaped gravity and was released from the shackles of this world.  I thought I imagined her voice whisper “it is well”. Less than 15 minutes later, I got the call that she had passed.

Gravity keeps us grounded to the earth. It is a physical law that cannot be altered.  But the way we respond to gravity is completely up to us. We can escape it with rockets. And love will lift us too.  His love for us. Our love for each other.

My loved one escaped gravity a long time ago.

She chose to let love lift her.




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