Morning Mercy

I work downtown in what we call the “governmental plaza”.  I like to get to work early so I can organize my day and have transition time from the sanctuary of my home to the sometimes intense, busy, and emotional roller-coaster of being a court employee.

I park in one of the decks close by, but early in the morning there are very few folks walking around the city unless they are the homeless or disenfranchised who are leaving their nightly refuge before the rush of workers sweep in.

I am always cautious when approaching these folks because even though most are still blinking sleep from their eyes like I am, I can never assume that all of them are harmless-and that’s just the way I am built, regardless of where I am walking where unfamiliar faces are present.

I have had a very challenging week.  As a matter of fact, I am grateful it is at an end.  So as I was leaving the parking deck towards my building, all I was thinking of was 5 o’clock and what I was going to do this weekend.

Just as I crossed the street a young man approached me.  I tensed a bit.

“Good morning.” He said.  Then,  “Is it really 7 o’clock?”

I didn’t even say good morning.  I assumed he was getting ready to ask for a handout.

(Yep.  I call myself a Christian.)

He kept walking toward me, and I kept walking away and then he said “Is it?”

I looked at my watch and said “Yes sir.  It’s actually 7:15.”

He said, “Wow. It’s early!  It’s a new day, full of new life!”

I couldn’t help but smile, and I said “It sure is! You take care!”

He returned the greeting and we both went our separate ways.


Dear Lord, thank you for the angel you sent to me this morning to remind me that you are aware of my thoughts always and when I need a greater wisdom, you will provide it. And thank you for adding humility to that lesson.  We all need a greater taste of that.   Amen.


So my friends, no matter what you are going through, understand that God will send you just what you need, when you need it, but don’t miss it because it doesn’t come in the package you were expecting.  And always remember:


It’s a new day!  Full of new life!







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