Everyone will experience loneliness at some point.

Even Christians who know better.

Actually, I’m in a lonely spot myself.

It doesn’t mean I don’t know that there are people who enjoy my company, coworkers who appreciate me, and a family that loves me and thinks I’m great.

And I know Jesus loves me!  (The Bible tells me so…) Really.  It does.

It’s just that sometimes I have moments of uninterrupted quiet that allow me to think on things that are tender or hurtful.  I’ll dwell on memories that I’d rather forget or mistakes that I have made that created pain in someone else’s life.  I’ll even have a moment of guilt for not meeting someone’s expectations (especially my own).

Or I’ll just feel disconnected.

This feeling of disconnect seems to happen when people around me seem to be having a great time sharing their day socially, while not necessarily including me in their conversations.  Or they may include me, but when they do I’ll say something awkward that makes me cringe. Writing comes so much easier for me.

Then there is the loneliness that comes from knowing I am different for seeing the world in a way that others may not see it.  For being saddened by people who don’t understand how precious life is.  And how short.

But I have learned that sometimes the disconnected feeling comes from God’s desire to speak to me in a certain way.  To set me apart from the noise because He has something He wants to tell me that I will need to know in order to live the best life possible.  We can’t always hear God when the noise level is above the whisper of a heartbeat.

So when these times of loneliness seem to overtake me, I embrace them.

There have been heart-wrenching seasons of loneliness when wave after wave of despair seemed to cut into my sanity.  But in these moments-just when I thought I couldn’t take the sound of blood rushing through my veins any longer-I heard His voice soothing me and telling me just what I needed to hear.

Sometimes, in these moments we seek counsel, and that’s fine.  I have done that.  Sometimes, in these moments we seek other people to hang out with, and that’s fine.  I have done that.

And sometimes we have tried to fill the loneliness with something a little “naughty”, or unhealthy and that’s not fine, but yes, I have done that, too.

But today what I’m asking of you is that you listen for God’s voice when you experience moments of loneliness. He may speak to you through a song, a conversation, a passage of Scripture, or a feeling.  He may tell you to be still or to stand up and dust yourself off.

So that’s what I’m going to do now. I’m going to close my eyes and listen. Who knows?  I may tell you what He said in my next post…




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