A Pinch of Salty Tears


In my line of business, I mix grief and paperwork. Sometimes the recipes get messy, but sometimes the finished product is a mix of comfort food and good medicine.

My work involves helping people who have lost loved ones get through a sea of legal paperwork.

During my day, I deal with folks who don’t want to see me at all and want my help-both at the same time. It can be an emotionally intense environment.

The joy I get from my job comes from the people who want to tell me a story about the loved ones that they have recently lost. It’s a beautiful and intimate moment that they allow me to participate in, and I am honored to do so. I have spoken with surviving spouses who have lived lives of great adventure or whose love story would rival the greatest of romances. I hear parents who speak of children who were the joy of their lives-regardless of how briefly they were on this earth. I have laughed with people who share so much joy in their memories that I am the one uplifted and counseled when they leave. These people may never know the blessing that they imparted to me by the simple telling of these stories.

And yes, there have been times when I could barely hold back tears before they left my office-but once they were safely away, I let the tears flow. I thank God for these people too.

I have been blessed by my clients each day in ways that I cannot measure. Rich, poor, all races, religions, political backgrounds and creeds. When the time comes for people to sit at my desk, it doesn’t matter where they are from and it matters less where I am from. They need my help. In these unnaturally intimate moments where I must ask them uncomfortable questions that no one should have to ask a stranger-they end up giving me comfort as much as I try to comfort them.

Death is the greatest equalizer. Facing it is the greatest teacher. It teaches us that no matter what, in the end we leave the legacy of our stories behind that last forever.

Each day I am reminded how short life is and how blessed we are to get one more day.

Here’s to making our stories great ones.


Beautiful Salvation: Straightforward Advice for New Christians and Undecided Seekers

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