Disclaimer: I’m no computer expert, so please be gentle with your comments if you happen to be one…

I’m having a conversation with my son this morning. He describes himself as a hard-core gamer. Bless his heart.

So, he’s telling me he’s just bought a game that he can’t stand because it’s got some sketchy story lines that he can’t get into.

Because I think logic should prevail, I tell him to just take it back and exchange it.

He says to me, he says “But mom, I can’t just do that. It’s like I gotta finish it. Something about the gamer in me won’t let me just leave a game without completing all the levels.”

So, I say to him, “Son, your brain has been re-programmed. You need to delete that game brain program that has attached to your synapses and reboot.”

And then the fight started.

We ended on a friendly note, and I did warn him that I was going to spread his business all over the internet. But here’s what occurred to me.

If you see our brains as super-computers, then it’s not hard to see the elements in our environment as sensory input. Some of the input is harmless and necessary. But some of it is malware. We take it in and it infects pre-installed programs. This makes us behave in ways that are not optimal. If we don’t use an anti-virus to remove the malware, it’ll take us longer to process information, it can change the purpose of our original programming or may even cause us to crash.

I told my son that his gaming mentality has changed his programming to the extent that he finds it difficult to stop playing a game-even if he doesn’t like it. I suggested that every now and again he should unplug and go out, or read, or anything else. And the truth is, he’s getting a little better at doing that because maybe, just maybe-he sees that I’m right.

Doubt it.

But, -and you knew this was coming-we all must uninstall certain programs and do a reboot every now and again. We get too plugged in to our jobs, to what’s on TV, to shopping, and yes, even to games. It can be hard to let go of our favorite programs, but the fact is if they are keeping us from operating at peak efficiency, they aren’t worth it.

If you have a doubt about what programs are optimal for your operating system, always go back to the original User’s Manual…









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