Fill in the Blank

Question Mark


Sometimes we have questions that our minds have no answer for.

It’s as though no matter how much we try, we cannot get satisfaction.

We ask why____________________?

And I know you can fill in the blank with something that you’ve been pondering.

So -what happens when you get no answer?

You pray for wisdom and understanding.

But then, what happens if the answer does not come or it comes and makes no sense?

Then go to the Scripture and read.

Listen to the Word as it ministers to you.

I have found the best prayer I can pray comes from straight from the Lord’s prayer. “Give us this day, our daily bread”. And the daily bread I am asking for is the Word. I know that my answers will come from the Word, and that is where I get my comfort.

Now there are some folks who may not be comfortable opening the Bible and not knowing exactly where to turn. It is amazing how God will point you in the right direction, even if this applies to you.

For example, I’ll get an answer from my verse of the day devotional. Or a Scripture will come to mind that is relevant to my question. I’ve even gotten an unexpected email from a friend, which included a passage to read that answered my question or concern.

My point is, that there will always be questions that our minds have no answer for. That is when we depend on the Word of God for any question that we asked when we filled in the blank at the top of this post.



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