Sand and Silence

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There are seasons when a person feels like they are in a desert.

If you are in one right now, embrace it. Own it.

Usually, it’s those times when the Heavenly Father wants to spend some real quality time with you, where you hear no voice but His.

Like me, you may realize that some friends-even close ones- aren’t your backup.  They may want to be.  They may love you.  But they don’t have the courage to stand by you when you feel abandoned.  And they don’t have to.  They may be in their own desert.

That’s okay. It doesn’t change the fact that they care.

They just can’t stand by you where you are.

So when that happens, take advantage. Use it as an opportunity to listen. To do a reset.

I can’t change who I am. I won’t.  But I will allow folks to step away when they feel uncomfortable in my surroundings.  And I won’t thrust guilt on them.

The Heavenly Father is right here with me. And my surroundings don’t intimidate Him the least little bit.

He’ll be there for you, too.



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