Pray Like You Mean It

Answered Prayer is in the Journey.

When we ask for prayer, there are times we want a quick answer.  But many times, the answered prayer is in the journey. 

I realized this when I had a blood pressure scare. 

My blood pressure was extremely high.  I felt like I was gonna stroke out.  I have been challenged at work, my diet has been off, I haven’t been sleeping… y’all know life happens. 

I immediately called on my prayer team. 

Now when you have the right folks on your team, you can tell it.  But prayer is hard work.  And sometimes the answer means action.

Remember, you gotta get up off of those knees eventually.

Immediately, I began to pray for myself.  Having someone else pray for you means you have also taken the responsibility to agree with them in prayer. This means that you pray for yourself, even if you simply ask for the strength to accept the answer.

Understand that there are times when God will send you action steps through ideas or other people.  One of my team members suggested a holistic remedy and another suggested guided meditation. 

When it’s a health matter, active and responsible steps will speed the process.  I had just seen my doc for a yearly wellness check, but I scheduled another appointment to voice my concerns. 

I did a couple holistic remedies. One I am sticking with and the other-not so much.  God gives us wisdom in these things. My doc changed my meds and my diet and exercise plans are getting lined up again. 

My point is if you ask for prayer, be prepared to do the work required to receive the answer.

Sometimes it means asking for help. Sometimes it means preparing your mind, soul, and body for the answer.  But answered prayers are gifts from God.  He gives them graciously and we should receive them in thanksgiving! 



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