We are blessed with God-given gifts but sometimes we are at a loss when it comes to how to use them.

We long for someone to come alongside and mentor us-show us how to become our best selves.

Sometimes that’s just not possible.

We don’t have the right connections, we don’t know how to make those connections, or the people we do know are trying to make their own dreams come true.  We don’t have encouragement from those around us, or we call it a good day when we can just get to work on time.  That’s the nature of this life.

On my first adventure in ministry, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I was scared and uncertain.  I knew I was called but had no idea what to do next. I longed for a mentor.

Problem is that in my case, everyone around me was trying to grab for what appeared to be the same prize.  Becoming a Pastor.  Now we know there are more callings than that.  But in my surroundings back then, that seemed to be the big fish.

Now as you may have guessed, I’m a girl.  And for women in ministry, it can be a twisted universe.  There I was trying to get a footing on my next step, and I was surrounded by huge egos. Huge egos with more education than me, more connections than me, more cunning than me.  Yeah.

I knew enough to know I couldn’t do this by myself.  So, I clung to anyone who appeared to have more wisdom so I could learn.  But there were too many folks trying to grab for too few positions. I’m not going to get into the fullness of it here, but suffice it to say, when choosing who to listen to, I chose poorly, and in doing so, languished for too long a season, almost losing myself in the process and forgetting my own calling.

As it turns out, it was a learning experience that I still cherish. The experience taught me that prayer is always-and I mean always the first step in self-discovery. Obedience to the answer to that prayer is the second. There will never be exceptions to those rules. I learned that sometimes the prize to be won isn’t the shiniest.  It’s not always the most recognized or the most popular. It doesn’t necessarily come with huge followings and a full collection plate.  But it is still crucial to the Body of Christ.

Sometimes it comes with peace and quiet. It comes with a new-found humility. It always comes with people who are like-minded and full of love.  It’s almost a surprise, how we reach it. But it always comes in the fullness of time.

When you begin to fulfil your purpose, or if you are doing it now-don’t misunderstand me. Surrounding yourself with like minded people-some of whom have more experience- is a wonderful thing. If you are sent a mentor by God to come alongside you and help you grow, you are doubly blessed.

But also remember this.

When you are called, God equips you. You are a self-contained power plant. Inside of your core is the Holy Spirit and it is He who will teach you. He will send people of His choosing into your life at those times appointed by Him. You will recognize them, and they will come bearing fruit.   This is my prayer for each and everyone of you reading my words.

You have everything you need.  You can’t build your own home with someone else’s bricks.










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