The Well Dressed Christian


Being a Christian is not an accessory.

It’s not a big gold cross to be worn to hide behind when behaving wickedly.

It’s not a bible carried around to show how well versed a person is. Or to shield them from responsibility.

It’s not a fashion statement to see who can cover up the most (or the least).

I mean, some folks use God’s grace like a slot machine for bad behavior.

It is not meant to be disguised in titles. Preacher, pastor, prophet, evangelist, reverend doctor, bishop, blah, blah, blah.

Folks can call themselves what they want. But are they calling themselves or being called?

Why are people who have no idea (and whose fault is that?) what being a Christian means trying to appropriate an image of holiness into their lifestyles instead of inviting Christ into their hearts?

Look around. See for yourselves what we’ve gotten ourselves into.

It should be obvious who Christians are.

Not anymore.

It’s not an exclusive club, but the membership dues are very expensive.  The Founder built it with His blood. Members are expected to sacrifice their own desires, not magnify them. Members do not have a dress code but are required to be covered by Christ.  Notice I did NOT say covered by a church or pastor. That is a construct of man and is a false teaching.   Members are not required to be ordained, have a title, or a spiritual resume.

Don’t get me started on that spiritual resume crap.  We are born with our purpose and we either fulfill it or we don’t.  But members are not required to have a spiritual resume to serve.

I want to make it plain. No frills, no fakes, no agenda but Kingdom.

I know man has made mistakes in interpreting the Word and living it, and humans tend to muck things up a bit.  I have made mistakes, and many of them I’ve shared with you. I will continue to do so. That is, make mistakes. And share them.

But let’s get back to wearing Christ in our hearts and being living witnesses.

Christ isn’t meant to be an accessory.

He’s meant to be our covering.




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