Physics for the Self-Absorbed



I have been observing how people interact with each other for a long time. One thing I have seen increasing over the years is the amount of self-absorbed folks running around like mini solar systems.  What I mean by that is that these folks really believe that their happiness depends on everyone around them making their lives as easy as possible. And that puts them right smack in the center of attention.

They have no care about what another person’s experiences are. They don’t care about anyone else’s inconvenience or time invested.

These folks will do the same thing to another that they hate experiencing themselves because to them, it’s only negative if it’s impacting them.

They believe that they are more important, more precious, more,

…well you get the idea.

These folks are eating themselves alive and don’t know it.

At first, when I decided to write on this subject, I was thinking about a couple of people that I come in contact with on a regular basis.  Their self-absorption makes the lives of everyone around them more difficult and it doesn’t even occur to them. They complain about behavior that they do themselves.   And they seem to get away with it.

I think they get away with it because they whine when they don’t get their way. Folks around them don’t want to hear the squeaky wheel.  So the rest of us endure it to get them to shut up. There. I said it.

But then I started thinking that the term self-absorbed is almost over-used and I wanted to look at a deeper meaning.

So I looked up the word absorption.

At first, I got the regular definition I expected. But I kept reading.  I found what absorption means in scientific terms.

Now see the Physics definition below.

I got excited.

I highlighted it. Take a look.

Now if y’all have been reading my blog for a minute, you know what’s coming.

Courtesy of Dictionary.Com:



the act of absorbing.

absorption in Science:

Physics: The taking up and storing of energy, such as radiation, light, or sound, without it being reflected or transmitted. During absorption, the energy may change from one form into another. When radiation strikes the electrons in an atom, the electrons move to a higher orbit or state of excitement by absorption of the radiation’s energy.

Oh yes. The taking up and storing of energy. All the energy self-absorbed folks use to get their way. Their own energy, the energy of others. Being used only for themselves. All the light they could give others going dark. The sound of the praise that should be coming out of their mouths being spent on speaking compliments only to themselves. The radiance of the Holy Spirit being quenched because they don’t have time to think of others before themselves.

All this energy being absorbed and not being reflected from themselves or transmitted to others.

Now I’m going to stop there because this can get as deep as I want it to, and y’all may not want to read a book tonight.

My point is this.

We have all been there. Little solar systems running around and making everyone around us miserable. But when we are self-absorbed we are eating ourselves alive. Using all of the energy given to us and converting it to our quest for pleasure. We can’t see that instead of increasing our territory, we are shrinking our sphere of influence until the only thing people recognize when saying our name is how we sound when we are whining.

I think you get the idea.

Let’s try to do better, shall we?

There’s only enough room for one Son in our solar system.







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