Wait for it…



I’m going to be honest. Work has been a challenge this week.

That’s wrong.

It’s been a challenge for a little longer than that.

Now I know enough to be thankful for my job, and I think most of us who are employed are grateful.

But sometimes dealing with tasks, customers, and even difficult co-workers can be tough when you add those tasks to duties to our families, ministries, and personal projects. These duties can create a perfect storm of chaos and tension.

I have even asked God when is He going to “show up and show out”? You know, ‘cause I’m stressed, tired, disgusted, and cranky. I just want to throw up my hands. Or throw a book. And this is what He tells me:

“Wait for it…”

And when I really listen to that it gives me joy because it is then that I know that God wants me to be stretched and challenged beyond what I believe I can endure. And then, wait for it…

The breakthrough blessing that comes at the end of the challenge can only be attributed to Him and He gets the glory while I reap the benefit.

Are you having a difficult week? Or maybe it’s been longer than that. I feel you. But trust me when I tell you- your breakthrough is on the way. And the bigger the challenge you face right now, the better the breakthrough.

Wait for it…



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