Enough Is Enough

Enough is enough.

What does it take for a person to believe that they have accomplished enough?  Why do we feel that if we were smarter, more attractive, more educated or more whatever-we will finally be able to justify the space we take up on the planet?

Have you ever encountered a person who seemed “comfortable in their own skin”?  These people seem happy and at peace with their experiences and their world. They are authentic, raw, and real.  These people are very attractive because you see the actual person and not the social mask that most of us wear to assimilate into society.

I acknowledge that there are social norms that make a society civilized.  I don’t argue that point.  But I am saddened because so many of us put expectations on ourselves that God never intended us to bear.

I have been thinking on this because I have reached my level of tolerance for watching people I care about suffer while trying to accomplish so much without first seeking God.  I am saddened by my friends who seem to be on a never-ending treadmill of adding accolades to their lives when they are so awesome in the right-now moment.  They are exhausted, disillusioned, financially strapped, and spiritually dry.  They have no peace.

I’m not advocating that we not educate ourselves or advance ourselves to the highest level of accomplishment that we can.  But are we submitting to the pressure of what the world values as accomplished?  Do we even know what God has called us to do, or are we busy trying to hear what He is saying to someone else?

How many times in our endeavors have we asked God if what we are doing is in His will and for His glory?

Instead of being able to list what we have done in our lives, can we say what God has done?  (And let’s not get confused.  Struggling to achieve because of ego and then putting our efforts on God by trying to paint His glory on fleshly actions does not count).

If you are on the striving treadmill, stop struggling. Relax and be at peace.  Pray to God and ask Him what His will is for your life and what He has called you to accomplish.  Whatever it is, it will be excellent, for His glory, and for your success.





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