Bearing the Word, Acknowledging the Message

I remember writing a long email to a friend about something dear to my heart. I waited for a response that never came. It wasn’t a surprise that this happened. This particular friend has a habit of not responding to my emails. Probably because of that fact that most of them are long and intense.

Yes, we are still friends. Nevertheless, I have made the choice not to communicate to this person through writing.

For those of us who are writers, each word is a labor of choice. Sometimes more painful than profitable. We dread and anticipate each word as if it is born in blood.

What did it mean for God to speak the Word in the beginning? Are we responding to the greatest gift that we were given, or are we continuing to ignore it? What is more important to us than answering His call or reading His Word?

Do you think He grieves when His children don’t respond? The Bible was written by men inspired by God. Why do so many people refuse to read what was given to them freely by men who paid the price for obedience?

By heavenly standards, I am a lowly human, yet I love most when I express it through my written word. How much more did God love us when He inspired men to record His creation of the universe and the sacrifice of His Son to save it?

Please open the Holy Scripture today. Read the Word and respond to it with thanksgiving and by praying for understanding.

He wants to know that we have received His Word. He anticipates our response.



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