Losing Bad Habits

There are consequences to remembering your voice.

Sometimes people that knew how you were in the past don’t like the person you’ve become in the present.

I used to be quiet when I should have spoken up.

That caused me to recently experience one of the greatest abuses of my life.

I didn’t want to hurt feelings, or God forbid-lose the friendly predator that was eating away at the deepest part of my heart.

I was deeply deceived into believing that a good Christian woman is silent.  As if we should all be born with no tongues to speak the truths that no one wants to hear.

That may be a bit dramatic…

It’s just that as I look around my new world, my circle of friends is growing and not shrinking.  These good people have always known there was a confident and powerful person inside my broken shell.  And because they are confident and powerful too, they were okay with that.

This is meant to be an encouragement.  If you are reading this and you are scared to lose friends because you need to make a change-whether spiritual or physical- know this-

You will lose people that you have become accustomed to listening to.  It will feel like you are losing friends because you are used to their abusive behavior.  They have become a habit you must break.

But the folks on the perimeter of your life who have prayed for you, cheered you on, and encouraged you will close in to circle around you and guard you.  They will love you back to yourself and you will find that those other bad habits will slowly begin to fade away…


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