Beauty Is Not Beastly

I’m thinking about this whole beauty thing.

What does that mean to me in a 50 year old body?

So, I’m thinking that in the Bible, Sarah was known for her beauty, even in her old age.  This was before silicone, gyms, and fat-burners.

I look at myself in the mirror, and I know I’m still a work in process even at my age.  I’m checking my diet and making fitness a priority.  I’m trying to medicate myself with food instead of pills-although I do take a supplement for my thinning, middle-aged hair.

And I smile because all things considered, I’m not bad looking.

Christian women have been so conflicted regarding their beauty.  We have been told to suppress vanity because it is unbecoming.  But I don’t see caring about our looks as vanity.  Of course, there are some women (and men) who obsess over their appearance.  But I’m not speaking to those folks.  They need Jesus.

I’m speaking about good old healthy “temple maintenance”.  If we believe the Holy Spirit dwells within us, why would we want Him to live in a broken-down shack?  We should adorn ourselves with health by eating as well as we can within our budgets, keeping (or making) our wellness visits with the doctor, and adorning ourselves in whatever accoutrements make us feel confident.

Christians should include healthy living in their lifestyles as preparation for meeting the world face-to-face.

I mean, imagine you are not a believer.  If you see a Christian who is unkempt, unhealthy, and lacking confidence, why would you want to be like that?

We not only represent Christ by our actions, but by our countenances as well.

What if you have work to do on your temple like I do?

Work on it, then.  But while you are under construction, pick a part of your temple you love and accentuate it.  Thank God for it. This is not vanity.  It is simply being thankful for being fearfully and wonderfully made.

Our bodies are living miracles, no matter what age or condition.

If you see yourself as a miracle, you can’t help but feel beautiful.

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