(Un)Clean Eating


Oh, how I love bacon.

Well, I did love it.  Until I found out that my blood pressure hates it and shows it by throwing bad numbers at me every time I eat a slice of that greasy, crunchy goodness.

I digress.

In the Old Testament, pigs are unclean.  Nevertheless, because of the grace of Christ and His teachings, we find that all things God created are good.  However, does that mean that we can eat whatever we like?

Well, yes and no.  Free will allows us to make choices of course, but ignoring how our bodies feel if we are diabetic and do not eat properly or regularly is not an act of faith, but of stupidity.

Yes, I said that.

I mention this, because recently, I had a pig-fest.  I mean I seriously ate pork chops, barbeque, pork sausage, and bacon all in one week.  Then I wondered why I was dizzy and my blood pressure looked amazingly stroke-worthy.

Thank God for friends that tell the truth.

She kind of looked at me and reminded me that I am just not one of those folks that can enjoy the pig.

Therefore, I tweaked my diet again.

There are going to be clean-eating advocates, vegetarians, omnivores, protein junkies, and other folks who will tell you what to eat to be healthy.

All foods created by God and prepared by man are good to enjoy as a rule.  However, we are all individuals created for a specific purpose and as such; our individual nutritional needs must cater to our own bodies’ requirements.  Some folks may be able to eat pork.  I am not.

Therefore, pork would be clean for some folks, not so much for me.

Watching one’s diet should not be for a religious reason, but a Godly one.

I can’t look on your plate and covet the bacon, but you can’t look at mine and covet the cheesecake.

(Please Lord, let this cheesecake bless my body and not cause my blood pressure to go up, Amen!)






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