By The Time I Got My Armor On, The Battle Was Over

I was listening to a powerful praise song this morning.  It was one of those songs that can rouse an army to battle and because my imagination gets away with me sometimes, I could see myself riding into battle with King Jesus to fight the evil horde of the devil himself.


I had to giggle to myself because I realized that putting my armor on, let alone getting on a horse would be pretty much impossible.  I could probably find some armor to fit.  And the stallions in Jesus’ stable are more than likely strong enough for even the hardiest of warriors.

But I’d probably be out of breath before I picked up my shield of righteousness.

Cardiovascular health is important.  I keep saying this to myself every time I leave the “Y” drenched in sweat and asking myself “what was I thinking?” In Dr. Phil’s vernacular.

But as much as I hate cardio, I love lifting weights.  I feel powerful, beautiful, and like I could conquer the world. I run to the gym on cast iron day.

But as I go to my cardio classes, it seems like my legs get heavy and the air becomes mud.

So the imaginary bubble of myself as one of the greatest Christian warriors of all time goes “pop”. Loudly.

It’s a good thing that spiritual warfare is fought on our knees.  My imagination notwithstanding.

But maybe, I’d better add another cardio class to my regimen.  Just in case.



2 thoughts on “By The Time I Got My Armor On, The Battle Was Over”

  1. Now that was fun to read. It’s like a story that you can’t wait to read the end of.

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