If it is Too Big to Swallow, Don’t Put it in Your Mouth in the First Place.

I want to apologize up front for all you folks whose minds are in the gutter and you thought this was another type of post.

But it’s not.  Sorry.

Have you ever tried to bite a big piece of whatever it is…   a slice of pie, a huge hamburger, or a bold-faced lie, and then once it got in there, you couldn’t swallow it?

Well, it looked real tasty and you were really hungry, and you couldn’t wait.  So you just dug right in, opened wide and almost choked to death.

You’re still stuck on the “bold-faced lie” part, aren’t you?

Here’s the thing.

Sometimes, we lie to ourselves about what we’re capable of doing.  Did you know it’s worse to lie to yourself, then to other people?  You can choke on the lies you tell yourself, and sometimes they can kill you.

For example imagine saying to yourself:

“I don’t feel capable of handling that project, but I’m too embarrassed to tell my boss. So I’m gonna tell him I can so I can get that promotion”.

“I don’t have the money to buy that pair of shoes I want, so I’m just going to put it on my credit card and then hide the shoes in the back of the closet so my spouse won’t know”.

“My doctor just told me I can avoid going on medication if I lose twenty pounds.  But one slice of cake won’t hurt me.  Besides, I’m gonna work out tomorrow”.

How many times have we lied to ourselves because we wanted to do something that we knew we shouldn’t?

When we lie, we speak death unto ourselves. We willingly take in this poison, then wonder why we choke.  The bigger the lie, the better it seems, and in this world there are a whole bunch of folks walking around with their mouths full, choking on the lies they tell themselves.

We’ve all done it.  But by the grace of God, most of us are still standing.

But if you’re still trying to swallow something you know is too big for you to handle, spit that thing out right now honey, before you choke to death.


too big









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