Is it a Craving or a Habit?

How many of you in your diet adventures have prayed for release from a strong craving of a certain type of food, but before you could get “Amen” out of your mouth you were reaching for the very thing you just prayed about?

Well, this happened to me last night.

Yep.  I’m going to bust myself.

I have been praying and asking God to help me with my sweet-tooth.  I mean I have been saying this prayer for some time now.  Well, last night I finished supper and was thinking about getting something sweet and for once I actually did not want anything.  I really had no hunger or desire for it.  I even made myself think of the sweet object of my desire and did not have the smallest urge to indulge.

Do you know I ate it anyway? Yes I did!

So, because I am giving myself the spanking to spare you from yours, let me tell you what I learned from this experience:

I had been used to having a sweet treat after supper every night for years.  It became a habit.

I trained my body to crave it by allowing it to become a habit.

When I started on my weight loss journey, I began to pray to be released from the craving which I myself created from indulging the habit.

Even though I prayed about it and knew I was released from it, I still kept fondling my past desire for it in my mind until I allowed myself to succumb to it. This reinforced the mentality of being bound to it.

Even after I lost the desire for it, I allowed myself to continue eating it even though it provided no satisfaction for me in taste or feeling.

This is how strongholds develop in our lives, not just in the area of overeating, but other areas as well.


If you have been in prayer to be released from a habit that has become a craving, wait for the release, recognize the diminished desire for it, and train yourself to deny the habit from being a continued stronghold.  The hard part will be replacing that action with something more positive and making that a habit instead.  You could:




Enjoy friends



Well, you get it.  But keep away from the candy, cookies, cakes, or whatever it is that has become a habit in your life.  Remember, sometimes we create our own cravings by creating the habits in the first place.







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