There’s This Book I’ve Been Reading…

Timely in its subject matter, Worship Changes Everything by Pastor Darlene Zschech is an essential guide to the true meaning of what it means for Christians to experience true and meaningful worship.

Worship Changes Everything delves into the godly origin of worship and why it is crucial for believers to practice it as a necessity rather than an option.  Many times Christians are uncomfortable with outward expressions of faith, but Pastor Zschech explains in loving detail and gentle wisdom why the Heavenly Father demands worship from His children, and how worship frees the spirit to love the Father without bounds.

One of the things I enjoyed about Worship Changes Everything were not only the scriptural references and biblical examples that the author provided, but her own personal experiences that were shared in such a tender and loving way. It did not come across as “preachy”, but as a guide for those who may not be comfortable with this aspect of their faith.  These shared personal experiences allow the reader to see how authentic worship makes a difference in the quality of the lives of Christians-even those who are experiencing dark and challenging moments.

This time of year is typically a season of reflection.  I found as I was reading Worship Changes Everything that I was prompted to meditate not only on the gift of Christ, but the greatness of God, His majesty, and His perfect love. I felt a deeply refreshing reminder of my purpose.

I recommend Worship Changes Everything to all who desire a deeper, more tangible relationship with the Heavenly Father.  Pastor Zschech presents true, scriptural understanding to an aspect of the Christian lifestyle that is necessary but often neglected.

Takeaway Quote:

“What will worship cost you?  For us to worship Jesus Christ freely, it cost Him everything.”

-Pastor Darlene Zschech

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