Storm Chaser

Are you experiencing stormy weather right now?

Feeling a little wind-blown and blasted?

Especially for the wives and mothers out there. And for the young ladies who will be wives and mothers one day.

(There may be some young men out there that need this lesson too, but I can only speak to one side of this issue, so forgive me for being exclusive).

Actually… y’all men folk can jump in too.

I was in the midst of a mind-storm the other day.  You know what that is, don’t you?

Thoughts like these, usually all at the same time:

What about this kid (or these kids) of mine?

I need to get this done for _________, ________, _________, and etc.  (Fill in the blanks. They change by the moment, don’t they?)

What am I going to cook tonight? Will I be able to cook tonight? Do we have food?

I need to clean, but I am so tired.

Maybe if I skip the gym, I’ll have time to ____________.

Which bills am I going to pay?

Am I going to be able to keep my job?

How do I tell my _____________ about_____________?

My hair (face, house, life) is a mess.  Why am I being so vain (nonchalant, angry, mean)?

I saw __________today and she/he/they looked _____________.  I hope I don’t look (or I wish I looked) like that.

Okay, you get the point.  Mind storms.  Sometimes we get them all day.  Some are small, some are huge and some merge and become a mental and emotional disaster and the melt down is felt for generations.

But in those storms, where is Christ?

Do we call out to Him? Ever?

What would happen if when we felt a storm coming, we cried out to Him first?

Storms happen.  And sometimes we allow ourselves to be overtaken by them.

But today I cried out to Jesus, and the storm didn’t go away, but His peace arrived.  And that peace told me that I would weather not only this storm, but the next one to come, and the next.

So be at peace, all you who are weary and heavy laden.  Call out to Jesus, and He will give you rest.    (Matthew 11:28).


Learn to rebuke the storms in your life.  Some cannot be helped, but many storms are created in our restless minds.  Look to the example of Christ.  He rebuked the storm.  So can you.

Peace. Be still.  (Mark 4:39)


Stop being a storm chaser.


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