My husband and I are working on a bedroom refit for my college-age son.  Since we are on a budget, we are closely counting the cost of each expenditure.

My son had on old, small bookcase that did not serve its purpose any longer, so my husband suggested that we re-purpose it’s shelves to create additional storage space in the bedroom’s small closet.  It was a wonderful idea.  We created more floor-space and the closet will be much neater.

So naturally, because y’all know how I am, I started thinking about re-purposing from a faith perspective.

Since this time of year is a good time for reflection, why not think about re-purposing things in our lives that are not useful into something wonderful and new?

Re-purpose jealousy into a desire to find individual purpose and then re-purpose self-doubt into a desire to learn.  No time for jealousy now!

Re-purpose the tendency to procrastinate into the ability to prioritize tasks, and then re-purpose the time saved into time spent on things that matter in life. A fulfilled life brings joy!

Re-purpose the desire to gossip into the desire to speak life into the lives of others and watch what happens when your sickly spirit becomes re-purposed into one that God can use.

There are so many ways we can turn our lives around and be an inspiration to others in the coming year.

It’s wonderful to put on a new coat of paint, redesign a closet, and get some new furniture.  But let’s not forget that God’s mercies are new every morning, and every morning brings an opportunity to re-purpose those things in our lives that have lost their usefulness.

Happy New Year!



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