There are two scriptures that my mother would always lean on in difficult times, especially emotionally difficult ones when it felt like the whole world was against her.

“He will make your rough places smooth and your crooked places straight” (Isaiah 45:2).  And…

“The Lord will fight for me and I will hold my peace” (Exodus 14:14).

A few weeks ago, I had a challenging emotional experience that almost shut me down.

I had even gone to someone close to me for prayer, but because their burdens were so heavy, they could not take mine on and made it clear that they couldn’t, so I felt totally shut out from any kind of support.

Sometimes it’s like that, Christian.  And when it is, you can believe that God is using that moment for you to find Him.  I mean, I literally did not want to carry on any more.  I was tired and felt like giving up on having any joy.

It’s perfectly normal to feel like that sometimes, even if your family and friends see you as the “strong one”,  the “counselor”, or the one that everyone goes to for prayer.  Sometimes, we just get tired.  We get lonely. We get attacked.

My last post was a book review about a book on the Lord’s Prayer and the 23rd Psalm.  During my challenge, I was reading that book and focused on those two scriptures quite a bit. In the midst of reading, He brought other scriptures to mind that are now a renewed focus for me when I feel particularly challenged.

What we must understand if we are believers is that there will be rough places.  Sometimes the paths will be so rough that each time we take a step our feet feel as though they are being cut up.  We feel that we can’t go on because if we do we will die.  But I must tell you that that was where I was just a few short weeks ago.  Now here is the miracle.

I asked the Lord to make my rough places smooth and my crooked places straight.

His Word will never come back void.

He didn’t take me off of the path.  But the part of me that needed to die to continue to walk on it died.

Sometimes, the paths that we are on are rough because we haven’t allowed the Lord to smooth them out for us.  We can’t fix it.  We can’t pave it with concrete.  We can’t leave our path and go on someone else’s.  But many times we have to let a part of ourselves die so it can’t get in the way of our reaching our destinations.

Now, I’m here to tell you that this does not happen overnight.

I had to hold on to my peace in the situation so the Lord could do His work in it.

See, we have to let Him fight for us.

Holding is an action.  We hold our peace because someone is either trying to take it from us, or we just drop it so we can try to fix whatever the problem is ourselves.  And if we allow someone to take it, or if we let it go, we remain angry, disappointed, bitter, lost, and hopeless.

We are afraid to let the Lord fight for us because we don’t want to see our enemies (or frenemies) get hurt.  We don’t want to see family members suffer and we’re afraid if we allow the Lord to do His work in the lives of those around us, that they may encounter hardship.

But we must understand that when we hold our peace it is an act of faith.  The Lord is our Shepherd and He will fight for our safety.  If that means the person coming against us has to get a bonk on the head from the staff of The Good Shepherd, then who are we to prevent that?

We are not so wise as to understand the Lord’s way.  The way of that person’s understanding or salvation may be in us holding our peace and letting the Lord have His way.  Just a thought.

I have had some loved ones going through challenges.  Some friends who need greater wisdom and need supernatural guidance.  I have people that are right now feeling hurt and betrayed by those that they have loved with their best intentions only to have that love thrown back.

The Lord will make your rough places smooth and your crooked places straight.  So hold on to your peace and let Him fight for you.

But whatever you do, stay on the path that He has placed you on.  He will never leave you nor forsake you and even if it gets lonely, you will never be alone.





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