God and Girdles

Okay. For my faithful readers who happen to be men. You may exit this post.

giphy (1).gif

But for the ladies, especially those of a certain age- please continue.

So, I’ve been wearing more dresses lately. And I have a curvy figure that needs a little taming a lot of the time. Since I work in a conservative environment, I have tried time and again to find the right “foundation garment” for my particular predicament. And I have failed miserably.

The reason I bring this up is because I bought this “shaper slip” online. I know I must buy a couple of sizes larger because, well, hips. So, I’m all excited because I have on one of my favorite dresses and what was supposed to be smooth sailing underneath.

That darn thing was around my waist by 8:05 am. I mean that slip slid an inch every time I took a step until finally it crested my rear and there it sat. All doggone day. I tried to snap it back in place when I could find a place to hide, but to no avail.

Now I’m sure some of you are asking what in the world does God have to do with girdles?

Well here’s the thing.

We just have to stop trying to confine God into what we think He should be. So many folks are afraid of their own magnificence that they try to suppress it so it doesn’t intimidate others. Or they are afraid to let out a “Hallelujah!!” when God has been good, or say “God bless you”, when a person sneezes. How many times have you had the opportunity to be a witness of God’s goodness but stopped short because you were afraid you might “offend”.

We try to put a girdle on the Heavenly Father, control Him, tighten Him up. But I got news for you. There ‘aint any girdles big enough.

Apparently not for my hips, either.

But I’m gonna keep looking. God is good, but an out of control seat cushion… not so much.



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