Generational Legacy



Mother Nature.

Mother of all…


I’ve been thinking about the word mother, and how many times we use it to enhance phrases that indicate something or someone who nurtures us. We even use the word mother to indicate something of great power.

The power in the word mother comes from its legacy. The knowledge that our human existence could not exist without our being formed inside our mother’s wombs. Women who are mothers have carried a portion of God’s creative power inside of them and with this power they not only implant nutrients and oxygen, but spirit and will.

But I can’t help but think about that power in other nurturers. God created all in the beginning. And in His wisdom, He knew we must have mothers, and that at times these powerful people will take many forms in our lives.

The physical act of being a human mother is exclusive of females. But to act as a mother creates just as much impact to the many who are nurtured and loved by those who serve. These people are sometimes forgotten on days like this.

I am not diminishing the women who have given birth to us, but only adding to the love that we have felt from them all.

So, Happy Mother’s Day to:

My mother, who is in heaven now, and all the mothers who have left us with precious legacies. We honor you.

Women who could not have children of their own but have taken on that role and given so much of themselves that their unconditional love overflows and runs all over the place.

Fathers who have taken on being mother to their children because they must, and in doing so create legacies so great that it powers generations to come.

And all of those who nurture, care for, protect, teach, raise up, guide and correct with no expectation of reward except to be empowered to give their all.

These wonderful guardians of God’s love are called to keep us.

They keep us until we ourselves are worthy to take on their legacy, and pass it down-not just to our children, but to the generations that follow.

And to the world.

Do you see yourself here? I know you do.

Blessings to you all.


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