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The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement:  Hearing the Words of God for Others by Debbie Kitterman is an inspired gift to those wanting to know what it truly means to hear the Word of God for the benefit of others. It is an unpretentious primer for Christians who want to know the truth of what it means to be a productive encourager to the Body of Christ.

The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement delves into the true meaning and purpose of prophesy and why it is necessary for believers to see prophesy as a gift available to all who believe as opposed to a gifting that is exclusive to a select few. Pastor Kitterman is a gentle teacher who touches on very sensitive truths about how to give encouragement to each other and how to avoid the stumbling blocks of fear, ego, and uncertainty. She opens a new facet to our servant nature and teaches how to allow the Power of the Holy Spirit to enable us to speak life.

One of the things I enjoyed about The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement was how the book touched me personally. I have tended to be an encourager, but discounted that gift as secondary, even though I could see the change the words I spoke made. By reading this book, I received valuable teachings on how to navigate my own feelings and how to hone my gift to the desire of the Holy Spirit. The Scripture references and personal testimonies included in the book ensure that all lessons within can be cross-referenced and referred to during difficult times.

In this season, Christians are facing unprecedented challenges.  Many are falling away from discouragement and disappointment. It is crucial that we know how to encourage each other and lift each other up with love. As I was reading The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement, I was reminded that all gifts are for the edification of the Body, and that no gifting is too small or too grand for each of us to have access to.

I recommend The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement to all who desire a deeper knowledge of the gift of prophecy. I thank God for giving Pastor Kitterman the foresight and skill to write this book and to share it with all who are given an ear to hear.

Takeaway Quote:

“I have always wondered why God chose to speak to Samuel. After all, he was only a child. But God does not look to age or position. We must understand God’s choice to speak with Samuel was based on faith and obedience, not a chain of command.”

-Pastor Debbie Kitterman


I am a Professional Reader with and was given a free copy of this book to review on my blog.



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