What Church Do You Belong To?

Body of Christ


I am really disgusted with the way Christians are handling world events.  We should be taking the lead in uniting people. Instead we are promoting various agendas-internal and external.

If we did what we were supposed to do by being a witness to Christ, we would have less turmoil.  We would not live in a utopia-the world is a fallen place-but as Christians we would be beacons of hope, light and unity.

Not laughingstocks.

Not dividers.

Not perpetrators of ignorance.

And we would certainly not embrace evil behaviors.

I think the problem started a long time ago.  When Christians forgot that Christ and His teachings are the only things worth focusing on. Not denominations, factions, cults, and other “leaven”.

You know what I would like? I would like all churches to be called “The Body of Christ”.

That’s it.

A seeker knows what they’re getting.  They’re getting the teachings of Christ. They’re getting fellowship. They’re getting correction. They’re getting healing.

So, if someone asks, “What church do you belong to?”

The answer would be “I go to the Body of Christ on Jackson Street”. Or “I go to the Body of Christ on Wayfarer Drive”.

Think about it.

It would be cool to say, “I go to the Body of Christ on Church Street”.

Y’all know y’all thought about that already!




A single red rose laying on the old vintage wooden floor, Spring in GA USA.

Body of Christ Scripture

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