He Had One Job

I’m going to do something a little different in this post. I’m gonna throw some shade at the devil.

The Bible says that Lucifer was created by the Heavenly Father to be the most beautiful angel, created solely to worship God. But instead of being honored by that most unique and exclusive position, Lucifer coveted the position of God, craving it for himself and enticing a third of the angelic hosts to reject God.

This didn’t work out for the devil, who instead of being able to conquer Heaven, must crawl in chaos with his followers, waiting out his eventual destruction.

He had one job.


All he had to do was keep in line with his purpose. To worship the Heavenly Father and proclaim His holiness.

Now I know that all things work towards the Father’s will, and that God knew Lucifer would betray Him even as he was being created, but there is a lesson in this for us as well.

We are all gifted with a purpose. Some of us know what it is, and some of us are still seeking. But what sometimes happens when we find out the task God would have us to do, is we reject the gift outright because it isn’t “shiny” enough. There’s no big title or big money and the task may seem insignificant-especially in the eyes of the world.

Worse still, we look at another person’s gift and covet it, thinking we could handle their gift better. Sometimes we try to convince others to reject or ridicule that person as well.

That’s called gossip, y’all. And it can destroy lives.

So not only are we not appreciating the gifts we have been given, we are trying to inhibit the success of others out of ignorance and jealousy.

Look, I know it can be frustrating to look with disdain at our seemingly insignificant gifts when others seem to be getting more accolades. But our individual gifts are just as important and just as crucial-no matter what they are. God creates us with these gifts specifically to build His Kingdom and each one is needed. What would happen if we all cultivated our own gifts as God has given them without coveting someone else’s? How much more successful would the Body of Christ be at attracting people who are seeking answers? How much happier would we be?

This not only applies spiritually, but in the workplace as well. Everyone can’t be the boss. Someone must be support staff. But the fact of the matter is you can’t have one without the other.

If you haven’t realized what your gift is, pray for guidance. When it is revealed to you, praise God for it, no matter what it is. Don’t be the one-you know the one I mean.

He had one job.




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